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Are You Thinking About Purchasing Commercial Real Estate?

Perhaps you belong to a developed company or franchise that desires to expand and buy more commercial property. Maybe you are an individual who has had a dream you start your own company, and after years of savings and heard work all your ducks are in a row to make a commercial real estate purchase. Whatever the case may be for you, when buying commercial real estate property, having a business attorney who is skilled in the area of real estate is essential. At the Marina Legal Group we have skilled attorneys who specialize in the area of commercial real estate and we are ready and willing to help you and your company in this process.

Here are a few tips to consider when thinking about making a commercial real estate purchase. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a specific property. Take into account the location and the specific demographic your company is hoping to target. The people are a huge part of any business, so really planning through their needs and wants is going to be essential in the planning phases of your company. Also with the help of your attorney, look at the tax options relating to your property, knowing these details ahead of time is going to be extremely beneficial! Having a legal advisor is considered when starting a business, but also contemplate the benefits of hiring on a financial advisor as well who can help you determine the best options.

When buying an actual property, one of the important things to analyze is the state or condition of the actual location. Will there need to be a lot of remodeling or fixing? Taking into consideration this at the front end will help you decide if a specific location is right for you. There are many facets in this process, though once you feel as though you have spent the adequate time and research preparing then you just may be ready to buy your property. Discuss the terms and conditions of the contract over with your lawyer so you are knowledgeable and prepared with what your rights are as the owner. Having the help of an attorney in this process is crucial because there are so many factors that are included in this process.

Not only is there the legal documents relating to the actual purchasing of the property, but there is also different sorts of investments and leasing options to consider if looking to save or partner with other businesses. Taking into account the own financial stability your company will have, and what investments will be needed in order to get the business property up and running. This is a process that no one should have to go through alone, contact our offices today for a free consultation regarding your future commercial real estate purchases! Marina Legal Group wants to help!


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