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Commercial Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

In the state of Texas as a landlord you have the right to receive payment from those whom you lease property to. There are many things that need to be considered as a landlord in order to make sure that you can run your property in a smooth and ethical fashion. As a leaser it is important to understand the laws pertaining to your state, a local business attorney can help you with the legalities. Having a thorough understanding of the different between rentable area and useable spaces is important. A rentable area consists of open places that a tenant may not consider their own such as hallways or elevators or public restroom areas.

A useable space is considered to be the actual measured area that a tenant is renting from you in which their business is occupying. If entering into a lease agreement with a commercial business it is important to understand and discuss the tax ramifications, how the property will be managed when then lease from you, the types of lease: gross or modified gross, and also if there will be a separate entity controlling the property that is to be leased. What happens when there is a dispute between you as the landlord and your commercial business tenant?

When dealing with residential leasers there are more rules that are defined with the goal of protecting the tenant who likely doesn’t understand different legal ramifications pertaining to renting or leasing. In the event of a dispute with a commercial business however, it is understood that they will have better representation and awareness of the legal situation. Due to the businesses likely having some form of legal understanding of the matter, as a landlord it is important that you too have a strong legal defense that can guide you through the various legal terms and agreements when handling leases. Contact the Marina Legal Group today for the representation and legal advice that you deserve as a landlord!


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