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Why You Should Have Legal Representation When Drafting or Negotiating a Lease

As a property owner, or someone who is interested in leasing a commercial or residential property, it is extremely important that you protect your interests when drafting or negotiating a lease. As a property owner you probably have certain terms, restrictions and agreements that should be included in your lease. As a lessee it is important that you not only understand the lease agreement you are entering into, but that you are able to successfully negotiate a change of terms should it be warranted. A skilled lawyer on our team will be able to review your overall objectives, assess your needs, and advise you on how to properly draft and negotiate your lease.

Due to the fact that many lease agreements contain complex business and real estate terminology, reading and understanding these documents can be daunting. When this happens, it is not uncommon for a lessor or lessee to skim through the agreement and then miss key points, or fail to understand what their responsibilities or duties truly are. Without an experienced leasing attorney on your side, you may find yourself locked into a lease with numerous restrictions and unfair conditions. When you consult with an attorney at Marina Legal Group, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have and help you protect your rights by ensuring the lease does not create any kind of an undisclosed liability for you, either as the property owner or as the lessee. Due to our firm's success record and our extensive experience in real estate and property law, we understand what it takes to draft a legally binding lease agreement and we know how to aggressively negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.

If you need legal representation to draft or negotiate a lease, contact a Dallas real estate lawyerat our firm so we can discuss your business and leasing needs.


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