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An Overview of Collections

Dallas Business Attorney

Businesses today have enough to contend with when it comes to running a viable and productive operation. Having the stress of delinquent invoices or unpaid accounts for services or goods that have already been delivered can cripple your business. A business lawyer at Marina Legal Group understands how important it is that your customers or clients pay their accounts in a timely manner. We work aggressively on our client's behalf to get moneys owed repaid as quickly as possible so your company's financial future is not compromised!

How can I collect on the debts I am owed?

When it comes to collections, there are many methods a skilled collections lawyer can employ to recover outstanding debts. A key factor is getting an early start in collecting overdue invoices. The more time that is allowed to pass, the harder it may be to recover the full amount due. We work quickly on our client's behalf to resolve unpaid accounts or invoices through negotiation, mediation (in the case of a contract dispute or other business dispute) or through litigation if needed. Whether your collections needs relate to commercial or business collections, construction law, commercial landlord – tenant litigation or other issues, an attorney with us has the knowledge and experience necessary to get the results the client is looking for.

A business lawyer with us has successfully represented contractors, general contractors, business owners, corporations, companies, partnerships and many others. We are dedicated to looking out for our client's best interests and getting the best outcome possible. In or out of court, we may be able to provide you with the legal support you need to recover amounts owed and prevent a total loss.

Is your business being impacted by unpaid invoices or accounts? Contact a Dallas collections attorney with us as soon as possible to find out more about how we may be able to recover debts owed to your business.